At the start of Year 7, students are placed in tutor groups. Students will remain in these tutor groups until the end of Year 11. The tutor will meet the students every day and they will monitor students’ progress, attendance, behaviour and general well-being. The tutor will contact you if they have any queries or concerns. During the first term in Year 7, parents will be invited in to the school for a Meet the Tutor Evening.


Head of Learning

Each year group is managed by a Head of Learning who will ensure that the best pastoral care is provided for each student. Like the tutors, the Head of Learning will remain with the year group until the end of Year 11. Head of Learning works closely with all the tutors as well as the Senior Leadership Team. They are supported by an assistant Head of Learning and Student Support Officers.


Home School Link Worker (HSLW)

Our dedicated HSLW acts as a bridge between home and school, supporting students and families. They offer guidance, facilitate communication, and provide resources to enhance well-being, academic progress, and family cohesion. They address challenges, foster engagement, and promote a positive school-home partnership. Students or families who feel they may need some additional help can contact our HSLW directly hslw@fullbrook.surrey.sch.uk



The Eikon Charity, a support organisation based onsite at Fullbrook, develop young people’s aspirations, resilience, and well-being. They offer a range of services to students including lunchtime drop-in sessions, gardening club, counselling, and other youth activities.