Fullbrook is an inclusive school where all aspects of development are seen as important. Fullbrook is proud to have been awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark which recognises the time and effort that goes into ensuring that everybody’s needs in Fullbrook are met.

Fullbrook has also achieved the National Healthy Schools Standard, which involves taking a careful look at healthy eating, physical activity, emotional health and well-being and the personal, social and health education programme in the school.

We are committed to further improving all these aspects of life in Fullbrook so that we can further develop a healthy, happy working community of students and staff.
Enjoyment in learning is a vital part of achievement and at Fullbrook we work to ensure that not only are lessons interesting, but also that students can explore wider areas of interest to them through the range of extra curricular activities on offer. (Click here to find out more about our extra curricular programme). 
At Fullbrook we aim to ensure that everyone can learn and work in a safe, enjoyable environment, enabling them to contribute positively to the community and to move on to a successful future.